Lehigh Valley Vending is Independently Owned and Operated and located in the heart of the valley

  LVV  operates vending machines throughout the valley and surrounding areas.    Based in Allentown

we  provide snack / beverage / and / coffee service / to the Valley . 


Coca Cola and Pepsi  products

Available in Bottles and Cans

Teas, Sports Drinks, and Juice

 Flavored Vitamin Water

Energy Drinks, and more

Products and Service


We Have Small, Medium, and large Machines To Accommodate your Staff or Room Size Contact us for your vending service needs    at Lvv@netzero.net or call us at 610 554 9265


L V Vending  offers  competitive pricing  combined with a wide

variety of major brand name

        and local products         Guaranteed  Fresh

Locations  Serviced  Weekly


Healthy Choice

Gluten Free      Low Sodium

No Trans Fat     Low Calorie

No M S G            Organic 

No  Preservatives


Beverages and Water